1) Which one of the following drawings is not typically found in a set of golf course construction documents?

A)   Feasibility Plan
B)   Clearing & Limit of Work Plan
C)   Sediment & Erosion Control Plan
D)   Grading & Drainage Plan
E)   Construction Details

2) During what era did the Green Section division of the United States Golf Association (USGA) first publish specifications for a method of constructing putting greens?

A)   Spreading & Expansion (1840-1898)
B)   Heatherland Era in Britain (1899-1914)
C)   Golden Age (1920-1929)
D)   Depression & War Era (1930-1953)
E)   Robert Trent Jones Era (1954-1980)

3)    When referring to golf hole design, which one of these is not a type of bunker?

A)  Trouble
B)  Collection
C)  Saving
D)  Direction (or target)
E)  Carry

4) Which one of the following considerations are not used to determine irrigation pipe sizes, pumpstation capacity and discharge pressure?

A)   Evapotranspiration rate for the region
B)   Pressure loss calculation comparing high and low points of the system to pumpstation
C)   Friction loss estimation through fittings
D)   Soil texture
E)   Distance from pumpstation to points farthest away on the system

5) Which turfgrass is the most salt tolerant?

A)  Bentgrass
B)  Seashore Paspalum
C)  Bermudagrass
D)  Fine Fescue
E)  Zoysia

6) What is the typical warrantee period that a Contractor must guarantee the irrigation system against defects, materials or workmanship?

A)  1 month from substantial completion
B)  1 month from final acceptance by the Owner
C)  1 year from the start of installation by the Contractor
D)  1 year from the date of acceptance by the Owner
E)  1 year from the date the Contractor leaves the site.

7) In US Dollars, what is the approximate cost to maintain one acre of turfgrass annually?

A)  $360
B)  $1660
C)  $1260
D)  $960
E)  $660

8) To limit compaction and provide sufficient hole placements, what is a recommended average area for a green

A)  400 m2
B)  500 m2
C)  600 m2
D)  700 m2
E)  800 m2

9) The rootzone sand mixture for a green is measured, purchased and delivered based upon what unit of measure? (based on Countries using Imperial units)

A)  Cubic yards
B)  Square feet
C)  Square yards
D)  Tons
E)   Pounds per ton

10) What should the minimum surface slope be of a putting surface to ensure proper drainage?

A)   0.1%
B)   0.5%
C)  1.0%
D)   2%
E)   3%

Answers;   1=A, 2=E, 3=A, 4=D, 5=B, 6=D, 7=B, 8=C, 9=D, 10=C.


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