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10 golf course design questions for those playing from the forward tees….

1)  This place is commonly referred to as “The Home of Golf”

A)  Pebble Beach, California
B)  St Andrews,Scotland
C)  Muirfield, Scotland
D)  Melbourne, Australia
E)  Augusta, Georgia

2)  What area of a golf course does the turfgrass have the greatest need for rapid recuperative rate due to divots?

A) Tees
B) Fairways
C) Roughs
D) Greens
E)  Green collar

3)  Prior to what technological advancement was building golf courses primarily done with horses and men?

A)  Silicon Chip
B)  Electricity
C)  Reel mower
D)  Internal combustion engine
E)   Hydraulic power

4) A stimpmeter is…

A) …a device used to level a green surface for areas to put the pin/hole.
B) …a device to measure the speed of a green determined by the distance a ball travels.
C) …a device to measure and determine the height of grass cut on a green surface
D) …a device used to set mower heights for cutting turf on a green
E) …a device used to determine the minimum distance the hole can be from the green edge

5) Which design philosophy entices the player to “bite off as much as he/she can chew” and is usually the tee shot on a par 4 or par 5 hole?

A)  Heroic
B)  Semi-Penal
C)  Strategic
D)  Penal
E)  Open

6) Which design philosophy gives the player choices and allows the lesser player a route to avoid hazards all the way to the green?

A)  Heroic
B)  Semi-Penal
C)  Strategic
D)  Penal
E)  Open

7)  Which type of ball helped to advance the game of golf because it was less expensive than the previously used type and also more widely available?

A)   Two Piece ball developed by Spalding
B)   Gutta-Percha ball (aka Smooth Gutty)
C)   Wooden ball
D)   Featherie ball
E)   Dimpled ball

8) Which type of green design was primarily used in the late 1880’s and before the 1920’s when golf courses had little or no irrigation?

A)  Sloped
B)  Rolling
C)  Crowned
D)  Up & Over
E)   Bowled

9) Which bunker types earliest forms is often thought to be a result of burrowing sheep on the sandy linksland where golf was originally played?

A)   Pot Bunker
B)  Sand Bunker
C)  Waste Bunker
D)  Grass Bunker
E)  Grass Hollow

10) Good design, thorough construction technique, topdressing, aerifying, fertilizing, spraying and watering are all wasted on a putting green unless…

A) …the hole is located in the center of the green.
B) …the green is cut to perfection.
C) …the green is rolling too fast because the superintendent uses a stimpmeter.
D) …the green is mowed with a walk behind mower.
E) …the bunkers are raked and edged.


1)= B,  2)=A,  3)=D,  4)=B,  5)=A,  6)=C,  7)=B,  8)=E,  9)=A,  10=B.



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