A mild challenge…

1) What is a “false front”?

A)   A flat sand bunker with no front or slope between it and the green
B)   A false or deceiving edge or slope of a pond or lake
C)   The part of a green common in the up & over type of green
D)   The area between a pot bunker and a green
E)   A sloping part of the front of a green so that the surface can be seen on an uphill shot from the fairway

2) What type of sprinkler head layout/spacing gives the most uniform application of water?

A)   Circular
B)   Rectangular
C)   Triangular
D)   Square
E)   Octagonal

3)    Who in the 1840’s was responsible for design upgrades to the Old Course at St. Andrews?

A)    Young Tom Morris
B)    Alan Robertson
C)    Robert Trent Jones
D)    Donald Ross
E)    Charles Blair Macdonald

4)  Irrigation of turfgrass on golf courses ideally should be designed and operated to overcome what?

A)   Humidity
B)   Transpiration
C)   Evaporation
D)   Evapotranspiration
E)   Solar Radiation

5)   According to the publication “Expected Life Cycle” by the American Society of Golf Course Architects, what is the expected life span of a green?

A)    2 – 5 years
B)    5 – 10 years
C)   10 – 20 years
D)   15 – 30 years
E)   20 – 40 years

6)   Labour costs on average account for what percentage range of maintenance costs annually?

A)   30% – 50%
B)   40% – 60%
C)   50% – 70%
D)   60% – 80%
E)   70% – 90%

7)  During which span of time did golf spread to North America?

A)   1761-1839
B)   1840-1898
C)   1870-1919
D)   1920-1929
E)   1930-1953

(7a– Bonus Question; The oldest Club in North America is?)

8)   Which golf course architect has had the biggest influence on course design trends during the ‘Contemporary Era’ (1981-2005) of golf?

A)   Robert Trent Jones
B)   Jack Nicklaus
C)   Charles Blair Macdonald
D)   Pete Dye
E)   Donald Ross

9)  Typically for a golf course development project to be considered a success it needs to serve one or more of which three of the following sectors/markets?

A)  Tourist or transient sector
B)  Under-privileged sector
C)  Stable hometown market
D)  Urban/high density population market
E)  Attraction for adjoining homes or property

10)  Which of the following is true in reference to a 3 to 1 slope (3:1)? (select all that apply)

A)   3:1 slope equals 3.33%
B)   3:1 slope is the maximum grade for riding mower
C)   3:1 slope is too steep for a putting surface
D)   3:1 slope equals 33%
E)   Answers B, C and D.



1) E, 2) C, 3) B, 4) D, 5) D, 6) C, 7) C, 7a) Royal Montreal, 1873, 8) A, 9) A,C & E, 10) E


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Lee Westwood, CH Magazine, 2014.