Royal Golf Quiz


1. What was the first golf club to be granted the royal title by a British Monarch in 1833?

A)  Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews
B)  Royal Birkdale, England
C)  Royal Perth Golfing Society, Scotland
D)  Royal Dornoch, Scotland
E)  Royal St Georges, England

2. In what year was golf banned by an Act of Parliament in Scotland?

A) 1571
B) 1471
C) 1421
D) 1457
E) 1621

3. Why was golf banned?

A)  Golf balls were too expensive?
B)  It interfered with archery practice?
C)  Too many people were being killed?
D)  The Church thought golf was for sinners?
E)  The fields were needed for crops

4. What King of Scotland took golf to England in 1603?

A)  James IV
B)  James V
C)  James VI
D)  Mary, Queen of Scots
E)  Charles I

5. What was the first golf club outside the UK?

A)  Royal Calcutta
B)  Royal Montreal
C)  Royal Jersey
D)  Royal Malta
E)  Royal Cape

6. Which Royal Golf Clubs do NOT have golf courses they own?

A)  Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews
B)  Royal Montrose Golf Club, Montrose
C)  Royal Perth Golfing Society, Perth, Scotland
D)  Royal Epping Forest Golf Club, England
E)  All of the Above

7.)  Which Royal Golf Club has the most holes?

A)  Royal Melbourne
B)  Royal Montreal
C)  Royal Portrush
D)  Royal Troon
E)  B, C & D all have 45 holes.

Which is the most recent Golf Club to be conferred the Royal title in 2009?

A)  Royal Regina
B)  Royal Mayfair
C)  Royal Auckland
D)  Royal Wellington
E)  Royal Balckheath

How many Golf Clubs currently hold the Royal title having being granted it by the British Royal Family?

A)  28
B)  63
C)  78
D)  46
E)  84

10)  Between which periods were the most royal titles conferred on golf clubs?

A)  1833 – 1834: King William IV
B)  1845 – 1897: Queen Victoria
C)  1901 – 1909: King Edward VII
D)  1910 – 1935: King George V
E)  1978 – 2011: Queen Elizabeth II


1)= C, 2)= D, 3)= B, 4)=C, 5)=A, 6)=E, 7)= E, 8)=C, 9)=B, 10)=D (23 Clubs)



Excellence In Compliance Award Winner Winner
Excellence in Compliance Award
Royal Wellington Golf Club



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